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Board and Advisory Panel members and staff at the 2nd Annual Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture, 2015

Legal Status

The NZ Centre for Global Studies is a charitable trust established under the Charities  Act 2005, and registered with the NZ Charities Commission.  Details can be found in the section About Us and in the Admin. section.

Statement of Mission

The aim of the Centre is to undertake research and policy analysis on issues of global affairs and New Zealand’s role within that.  Its work is cross-disciplinary involving, inter alia, international relations, international law and organization, political studies, economics, sociology and behavioural psychology.

The thematic objective is to explore ways in which global problems faced by humanity in the 21st CE may be most effectively addressed and resolved.  Thematic areas of focus include sustainability , peace and security, human rights and international law & organisations.

Governance issues include UN-Bretton Woods reform and strengthening in the context of global constitutionalism, political legitimacy, and civil society-government-business interaction.

The Centre undertakes projects in each of the areas of focus, and runs an outreach programme for students (secondary and tertiary), resident scholars, and academic visitors. It convenes conferences, seminars and public meetings, and produces peer-reviewed research reports.


The NZ Centre for Global Studies is governed by its Board of Trustees. The full Board membership is identified in the Administration section.

The Centre is advised by an International Advisory Panel of eminent practitioners and scholars of international relations who have demonstrated a global outlook in their career and writings.  The Panel’s membership is identified in the Administration section.


The Centre is managed on a continuing basis by a Secretariat, comprising and Director and Treasurer, and a Secretary.  The Director is responsible for management to the Board, of which he is a member. Contact details are below.


The Centre is constitutionally and financially independent of any other body.  It is funded by voluntary donations which are tax-deductible under NZ law.


The NZCGS is located at 18 Queens Drive, Waiheke Island.  Its former registered addresses have been 37 Hekerua Rd and 16 Queens Drive; the photographs of the office on this website largely relate to these former addresses.
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Please contact either the Director or the Secretary with any inquiry or comment about the Centre.

Director: Dr Kennedy Graham: director@nzcgs.org.nz [Cell: 64-(0)21-242 3989]

Secretary: Ms Renee Moorjani: secretary@nzcgs.org.nz [Cell: 64-(0)27-204 3097]