Advisory Bodies

The Centre’s Board is advised by two groups: the International Advisory Panel and the Young Global Scholars Group.

  • The International Advisory Panel is a grouping of eminent individuals from around the world, who have extensive experience, in the United Nations, national governments, universities or think-tanks.  Current members are:

Dr Lyndon Burford
Post-doctoral Research Associate, Centre for Science and Security Studies, King’s College London. Former research fellow, Centre for Strategic Studies, VUW, and Research consultant, Dept. of Political Studies, Auckland University.

Dr Fraser Cameron
Director, EU-Asia Centre, Brussels; former UK and EU diplomat, former member of European Policy Centre.

Prof Roger Clark
Professor of International Law, Rutgers University, New Jersey

Angela Kane
Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, New York

Dr Tapio Kanninen
Co-Director, Project on Sustainable Global Governance, CUNY; Board Chairman, Global Crisis Information Network Inc., New York; former Chief, Policy Planning Unit, Dept. of Political Affairs, United Nations, New York

Prof Azza Karam
Professor, Faculty of Religion & Theology, Free University of Amsterdam; former UN official (UNFPA, New York); former Lecturer, Queens University, Belfast.

Prof Inge Kaul
Adjunct Professor, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, Germany; (former Director, UNDP Human Development Office)

Dr Tanya Oglivie-White
Senior Fellow, Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, Canberra

Dr Deborah Ruiz Verduzco
Head, Civil Society Initiatives, ICMP (The Hague); former Special Assistant to President, Assembly of States Parties, ICC (New York); former researcher, PGA and Senate of Mexico.

Prof Ramesh Thakur
Professor Emeritus & Director of the Centre for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, Canberra

Dr Chris Williams
Visiting Fellow, International Education Studies, University of London, UK

  • The Young Global Scholars Group is composed of young university graduates who are NZ citizens or have worked in New Zealand, have recorded outstanding academic achievement, and exhibited an evident interest in global studies.  The Group members  interact among themselves and have a regular consultancy engagement with the Board.  In a serious manner, they represent the future of global studies, and the basis of 21st c. global citizenship.    The members are:

Elise Antoine

Photo - Elise Antoine

Elise graduated with a double-bachelor in Economics and Political Science (2016), followed by an MA in Political Science, with merit (2018) at the Panthéon University Sorbonne, Paris. She specialised in European Public Affairs, with a particular focus on the EU and its role in global governance.  Previous internships in France included France Industrie and Euro-Informationen, a communication agency fostering dialogue between European institutions and citizens.  Elise has French as her native tongue, and also speaks English and German. In 2019 Elise had an internship in the UN Association of New Zealand (UNANZ), undertaking research on big data and human rights issues in New Zealand.  She aims to strengthen her expertise in new technologies.  Her recent study for UNANZ on ‘Privacy in the era of big Data: Meaning and implications for Aotearoa New Zealand’, can be found on this website (Research & Networks: Associated Publications).

Jayden van Leeuwen

Photo - Jayden van Leeuwen

Jayden is in his fifth year of a conjoint LLB (Hons) / BA (History and Political Science) at Victoria University of Wellington. New Plymouth born but Christchurch raised, Jayden currently serves as the National President of United Nations Youth, as well as tutoring Criminal Law at university. Much of his studies and research have focused on international law, human rights and the United Nations system, as he has a keen interest in international affairs. Jayden is excited to be taking up this role with the Centre, and working to grow awareness of the importance of global studies.

Isabella Lenihan-Ikin

Photo - Isabella Lenihan-Ikin

Isabella is in her fifth year of study at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), where she is currently completing an LLB/BSc (Hons).  Her Honours research focuses on the health impacts of climate change in Oceania – analysing how the health impacts of climate change have been represented in alternative discourses, and how this has affected climate (and health) action. Alongside her study, Isabella has been active in student politics with the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA), the NZ Union of Students’ Association (NZUSA) and the VUW Feminist Law Society. She is currently an elected member of the VUW University Council.

Renee Moorjani

Photo - Renee Moorjani

Renee is Secretary for the NZ Centre for Global Studies, maintaining administrative functions and helping to manage the Centre’s projects. In that capacity she will act as coordinator for the Young Global Scholars Advisory Group.  Renee is in her final year at Auckland University pursuing an LLB, following the completion of her BSc (Biomedical Sciences).  Her main areas of work and interest are influenced by being a first-generation immigrant from India; these include the global ‘rules-based order’ and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ principle; and also how the developing world can achieve sustainable development while complying with international trade obligations (under the WTO).  She has prior experience in Immigration and family law; with management experience in those areas.

Bokyong Mun

Photo - Bokyong Mun

Bokyong is in her final year of a Law and Science degree at Otago University in her hometown, Dunedin. Her interest in global studies stems from an involvement with United Nations Youth, having served as UN Youth’s National President (2018). She is interested in the engagement of youth in global citizenship, and in 2017 received a New Zealand Youth Award for her contributions in that area. Other interests lie in environmental sustainability and technology; Bokyong having recently taken part in the Plastic Bottle Kayak Expedition, as well as being a Blake Ambassadorship with Sir Peter Blake Trust.

Annika Naumann

Photo - Annika Naumann

Annika is from Germany, where she has studied at universities in Frankfurt and Heidelberg. In 2016, she was interned with the NZ Centre for Global Studies, completing a research paper, Climate Change and the Global Economy, as part of her MA in International Relations at Heidelberg University.  Her paper can found be found elsewhere in the website (Research: Interns). Annika’s degrees are in political science (with economics as a minor). Upon her return to Germany, Annika received a master’s degree in 2018. She has since gained experience in political consulting and in the public sector through further internships, and added further training in project management. Her main interest lies in the area of global sustainability.



Abbas Nazari

Photo - Abbas Nazari

Abbas is an Afghan Kiwi currently studying towards a Masters of International Relations at Columbia University, New York, on a Fulbright Scholarship.  He is a 2016 graduate of the University of Canterbury (Politics and Diplomacy), and was recently a NZ Treasury analyst. Abbas is fluent in English and Farsi.