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Event- Aggression as a Crime.VUW

We the Peoples: Global Citizenship and Constitutionalism
July 22nd, 2016
Victoria University, Wellington.


Conference Powerpoints and Texts:
Dr. Kennedy Graham: Global Constitutionalism: a challenging concept
Rod Oram: Seeking Order – Towards Global Economic Governance
Kevin Clements: Universal Peace and Global Governance


Opening Address from Ian McKinnon and Graham Hassall:

Dr. Kennedy Graham: Global Constitutionalism: a challenging concept.

AProf Graham Hassall: The International Legislature: UN General Assembly and IPU, Collaborators or Rivals?

Rod Oram: The International Executive: UN and Bretton Woods system.

Prof Kevin Clements: Universal Peace and Global Governance: 21st C. Thinking.

AProf Marjan van den Belt: Synthesis for Social-Ecological Transitions: 21st C. Actions

Dr. Jeremy Moses: Citizenship: the basis of constitutionalism

Professor Roger Clark lecture
“Making Aggression a Leadership Crime in 2017: The Rome Statute and the Kampala Amendment” at Parliament on July 11th, at invitation of the New Zealand Centre for Global Studies.

Audio recording from Lecture:

Lecture Text: Roger Clark Lecture
Lecture Text: Hon Christopher Finlayson: Making Aggression a Leadership Crime in 2017

Clark Lecture - groupDr Kennedy GrahamRoger ClarkProf Neil BoisterMark MitchellHon David ParkerHon Chris FinlaysonClark Lecture

Board members and advisers at the 6th Board meeting in Wellington, 18 March ’16.
Others linked in from Christchurch, Nelson, Hamilton and Auckland.


Climate and Health Roundtable,
Waiheke Island, October 2015

A half-day roundtable was convened at the Centre on 11 October 2015 on “Climate and Health: Implications for Global Governance”.


The Roundtable, chaired by NZCGS Director, Kennedy Graham, was occasioned as part of the two internship courses being undertaken at the Centre in collaboration with the University of Auckland.

Two students, Meredith Lawry and Skye Stuart-Menteath, are each pursuing a three-month internship as part of their honours degrees. Meredith’s subject is Climate Change and Ethics. Skye’s subject is the Securitisation of Global Health: Health Pandemics and Implications for Global Governance.

The guest speaker at the Roundtable was Prof Alistair Woodward (University of Auckland) who has been involved in IPCC work on climate and health issues for 20 years, and is recognised as one the world’s leading authorities on the subject.

The Climate-Health Roundtable saw presentations from the students, followed by a response from Prof Woodward, and insights from all other participants. They included:

Meredith Lawry, Univerrsity of Auckland
Skye Stuart-Menteath, University of Auckland
Prof Alistair Woodward, University of Auckland
Dr Kennedy Graham, Director, NZCGS
Dr Nina Veenstra, Project Adviser, NZCGS
Vernon Tava, Community Services lawyer
Golriz Ghahraman, Human Rights lawyer
Jenni Smith, Supervising Duty Lawyer for the Public Defence Service at Manukau
Libby Giles, Auckland Girls Grammar School
Lucy Stewart, NZ Peace Foundation

The 5th Board meeting of the Centre, and its 3rd AGM, was held on 27 – 29 March 2015.

The 2nd Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture was held on 29 March 2015. The Lecture was given by Prof Ramesh Thakur, who addressed the following topic: ‘Global Governance and the UN Security Council: fit for purpose?’
Attendance was by invitation.