Projects – Overview

The main project areas pursued by the Centre are research papers, conference collaboration, and outreach activities. These are described below:

Research Papers
Board members, international advisory panel members and participating students are developing research in selected topics of global studies. To date, those completed are:
1. Klaus Bosselmann, ‘Planetary Boundaries: Implications for Global Governance’ (2014)
2. Schools Project Group, ‘Global Citizenship’ (2014)
3. Kennedy Graham, ‘Global Governance and the UN Security Council’
For further information and to access the papers, refer to the Research section.

Three papers are currently in draft:
4. Adrian Macey & Rod Oram, ‘Climate Change: The Global Challenge and New Zealand’s Policy
5. Klaus Bosselmann & Marjan van den Belt, ‘Earth Governance’

Conference Collaboration
The Centre seeks to collaborate with universities and other relevant educational institutions on issues that focus on global affairs. The condition for collaboration by the Centre is that the focus of the conference reflects the distinctive approach that characterises the Centre, namely, pursuing the ‘global interest’ in solutions to global problems faced by humankind in the 21st century, as distinct from the traditional approach to international relations in which international problems are analysed on the basis of national interests.

In May 2014, the Centre collaborated with Victoria University and the UN Association of New Zealand in convening a weekend conference on ‘Global Public Goods’. More on this conference can be found elsewhere on the website.

Schools Project: Global Citizenship for Youth

The Centre is collaborating with secondary schools in New Zealand, and through the Ministry of Education, to interest senior school students in the concept of ‘global citizenship’ for the 21st century.

In August 2013, the Centre collaborated with Auckland Girls Grammar in holding a one-day conference at AGGS for a group of 35 high school students from all around New Zealand – from Kerikeri to Christchurch. In March 2014, a group of 8 students selected from the conference participated in a weekend retreat at the Centre on Waiheke Island. The students produced a research paper setting out their collective (and individual) views on the subject. The paper can be accessed in the Research section of this website. In 2016, a two day conference was held in Wellington for 100 high school students on Global Citizenship Education, and a further 8 students were selected to attend a retreat in August at the Centre on Waiheke Island. For further information click here.

Waiheke Annual Global Affairs Lecture

The Centre convenes a series of annual lectures by eminent thinkers on global affairs. For further information click here.