Global Governance

Global Governance is a major programme of the Centre.  The idea of global governance takes from a variety of modern authoritative initiatives, most particularly:

  • Global Governance Journal (published quarterly since 1994);
  • Our Global Neighbourhood:  Commission on Global Governance (OUP, Oxford; 1995);
  • Towards World Constitutionalism: Issues in the Legal Ordering of the World Community (Macdonald R & Johnston D, Eds., (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden; 2005);
  • Handbook on Global Constitutionalism (Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham; 2017)

The Centre adopts no policy positions on the question of global governance or global constitutionalism, other than encouraging rigorous research and reasoned debate on the subject; each Board member is entitled to advance personal judgement and opinion in their writing and presentations.

Annual Waiheke Lectures

Several of the Centre’s annual lectures have focused on this subject:

  • In March 2015, Prof. Ramesh Thakur (ANU, Canberra; former UN University vice-rector and former UN Assistant-Secretary-General) gave the Centre’s 2nd Annual Waiheke Lecture on the issue of UN Security Council Reform.
  • In May 2016, former Prime Minister and Victoria law professor, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, gave the 3rd Annual Waiheke Lecture on the subject ‘Global Society and the Challenges of Governance’.  Details

Details of these addresses can be found in the Waiheke Lectures section.

Conference in collaboration with Victoria University

In July 2016, the Centre convened a conference on the subject of the relationship between global citizenship and global constitutionalism.

We the Peoples: Global Citizenship and Constitutionalism
July 22nd, 2016
Victoria University, Wellington.


Conference Powerpoints and Texts:
Dr. Kennedy Graham: Global Constitutionalism: a challenging concept
Rod Oram: Seeking Order – Towards Global Economic Governance
Kevin Clements: Universal Peace and Global Governance


Opening Address from Ian McKinnon and Graham Hassall: 

Dr. Kennedy Graham: Global Constitutionalism: a challenging concept.

AProf Graham Hassall: The International Legislature: UN General Assembly and IPU, Collaborators or Rivals?

Rod Oram: The International Executive: UN and Bretton Woods system.

Prof Kevin Clements: Universal Peace and Global Governance: 21st C. Thinking.

AProf Marjan van den Belt: Synthesis for Social-Ecological Transitions: 21st C. Actions

Dr. Jeremy Moses: Citizenship: the basis of constitutionalism

In 2019, some Board members are exploring the idea of a developing joint book on the subject.