Waiheke Lecture Series

The Centre’s activities include an Annual Lecture series, usually held on the island: the ‘Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture Series’.

5th NZCGS Global Affairs Lecture: 2018

The fifth NZCGS Global Affairs Lecture was held on the 7th of April 2018 at the University of Auckland. Prof Johan Rockström was the keynote speaker, his speech was titled ‘The Planetary Boundaries: Implications for Global Governance in the 21st Century’. The event was co-hosted by the Hillary Institute and the New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law. A video stream of the event can be accessed here. Photos are published below.

_MG_1317 copy

NZCGS Rockstrom Flyer

4th Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture: 2017

The fourth Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture was held on the 4th of November 2017. The Hon. Gareth Evans’, was the keynote speaker, with Assoc. Professor Treasa Dunworth as responder. The keynote speech was titled ‘The Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty: Prelude to a Nuclear Free World?’.

4th Waiheke Lecture Text – Hon. Gareth Evans
Audio – Hon. Gareth Evans:

Audio – Assoc. Prof Treasa Dunworth:

3rd Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture: 2016

The third Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture was held on the 7th of May 2016. The Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey Palmer, QC, was the keynote speaker, with Professor Graham Hassall as responder. The keynote speech was titled ‘Global Society and the Challenges of Governance’.

3rd Lecture – Keynote Paper – Palmer
Audio: Sir J Palmer’s address May 7

2nd Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture: 2015

The second Lecture was given on 29 March 2015. Prof Ramesh Thakur, of the Australian National University, was the keynote speaker. His subject was: Global Governance and the UN Security Council: fit for purpose? The respondent was the ambassador of Finland, HE Pasi Patakallio.

150329 2nd Waiheke Lecture – Text

1st Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture: 2014

The first Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture was held on 17 May 2014. Prof Klaus Bosselmann, of the University of Auckland, was the keynote speaker, with Rod Oram as responder. The keynote speech was titled ‘Planetary Boundaries: concept and implications for global governance’.

140517 Waiheke Lecture – Keynote Paper-1

Scenes from the Waiheke Global Affairs Lectures

5th Lecture

_MG_1200 copy

_MG_1203 copy

_MG_1219 copy

_MG_1253 copy

_MG_1289 copy

_MG_1317 copy

_MG_1352 copy

_MG_1367 copy

_MG_1430 copy

_MG_1454 copy

_MG_1475 copy


4th Lecture 2017

_MG_0781 copy
_MG_0815 copy
_MG_0840 copy
_MG_0891 copy
_MG_0772 copy
_MG_0915 copy
_MG_0925 copy
_MG_0945 copy
_MG_0974 copy
_MG_0990 copy
_MG_1008 copy
_MG_1029 copy
_MG_1032 copy

3rd Lecture 2016
























2nd Lecture 2015

Opening by Director IMG_0020

Prof Ramesh Thakur's Lecture IMG_0047

Q & A IMG_0090

Chairman's Introduction 2 IMG_0042

Kennedy Graham IMG_0016

Response by Finland's ambassador 2IMG_0105

Ass Prof Treasa Dunworth with question IMG_0123

Question from Palestine ambassador IMG_0129

Ambassadors-diplomats of US, Finland, France IMG_0077

Summing up by Director IMG_0140

Discussion IMG_9976

Laurie Ross IMG_0002

Colin James & Peter Hamilton IMG_0007

Rod Oram on his bike IMG_0943

Sunrise on Waiheke IMG_0674

Sunset over Waiheke IMG_0673

1st Lecture 2014

The photos below depict the scene and participation at the 1st Waiheke Lecture.

1. Adrian

2. Adrian opening

Centre chairman, Dr Adrian Macey, opens the 1st Waiheke Lecture

3. Room

4. Room

Attendees at the Lunch

9. Isabella

Isabella Lenihan-Ikin speaks on behalf of the students receiving the Centre’s Global Citizenship certificates.

13. Klaus

20. Question time

Prof Klaus Bosselmann gives the 1st Waiheke Global Affairs Lecture, and answers questions.

14. Rod Oram - respondent

Rod Oram gives the formal response

22. Tables

23. Tables

24. Tables

Attendees discuss the lecture.

27. Groups

US and British diplomats confer with a member of the UN Association, at the luncheon.